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The English Speaking Club of Zurich

New in Zurich ?

British, American, Scandina-vian, Asian, Swiss, Expats, etc. - everybody is welcome.

(Ir)regular Meeting Place

Our regular meeting takes place every last Tuesday of the month at different places at the moment (mostly at Restaurant Werdguet): From 7:00 p.m. you are invited to join us! Just have a chat, meet new people, etc. Especially in the colder season this event has become one of the most attended ones.

How to get there? See description directly at the corresponding event.
Non members are welcome...

 56h Annual General Meeting will be held written on Aug 31, 2021

The new current committe in charge, you will find here.

A short note from the Secretary


A short note from the secretary

Dear Members,

I am happy to state that our events in June restarted with interest and were well attended. Let's hope it stays like this. Unfortunately, I also state that some members register late for an event, sometimes just ignoring the deadline. It has already happened that we cancelled an event one day after registry deadline, and afterwards, enough members wanted to register for this event. My "mantra request" to you: Please register on time. The whole Committee says thank you !

While reading through the programme, you can also see that we have events which were cancelled due to the pandemic. Now, we make them up, i.e. our first event in  this programme. Regarding other events, we found new interesting topics - we are not running out of ideas.

Enjoy the summer !

Warmest regards

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