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The English Speaking Club of Zurich

New in Zurich ?

British, American, Scandina-vian, Asian, Swiss, Expats, etc. - everybody is welcome.

(Ir)regular Meeting Place

Our regular meeting takes place every last Tuesday of the month at different places at the moment (mostly at Restaurant Werdguet): From 7:00 p.m. you are invited to join us! Just have a chat, meet new people, etc. Especially in the colder season this event has become one of the most attended ones.

How to get there? See description directly at the corresponding event.
Non members are welcome...

AGM - 55h Annual General was held on Feb 13, 2018

The new current committe in charge, you will find here.

Letter from the President

A short note from the Secretary

Dear Members, 

The good old P.O. Box of our Club. We all take it for granted to have one.

It has been the hub for almost all sorts of (physical) correspondence during decades. We had P.O. Boxes at different post office locations, and then landed in 8024 Raemistrasse. Even this epoch will soon come to an end.  

Nowadays, not much mail arrives to our P.O. Box anymore, everything goes via the e-channel. 8024 Raemistrasse will be abandoned, that's the end of our P.O. Box 671. We might rent a new one in another post office, but would have to pay an important fee each year. We will keep you informed.

Also with our club programmes, we go electronic ways in the future.

So this is the last time, you will receive a (physical) programme this way.

รจ Please study the written attached sheet "E-Programme".  

It is not usual to run events between Christmas and New Year. But this year, Sonja discovered something unique for Boxing Day. It has to do with Charlie Chaplin and the spirit of the good old times. A feast for your senses. Just come, sit down, close your eyes and enjoy the music. See you on December 26.

Best regards, 

Juerg Meier


Hermann Rathgeb died on 15 September 2018 at the age of 95 years.
He was a longstanding member of 30 years of our ESCZ. We would all like to thank him for his commitment. He brought a lot of ideas into the club and also organised some very special events.

His quiet and modest manner was greatly appreciated at all times. All the new members who came in contact with him had the feeling that he respected and welcomed them. We will carry his memory with us.

For the ESCZ, Sibylle, Ex-President



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