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The English Speaking Club of Zurich

Sorbetto Ice Cream Tasting

August 15, meet at 17.20h

Summer - it's absolutely the time for an ice cream tasting!

Let's test whether the claim "Sorbetto produces the best ice cream in town" is true. Join Sonja for this very special event to check it out. Mr Enzeroth, the owner, will have a variety of 10 different flavours ready for us.
Members pay CHF 10.00 and guests the full price of CHF 20.00.

This event is actually for the programme August to October 2017, but Mr Enzeroth needs the information about the number of participants at least 3 weeks in advance. It's because he wants to serve us fresh ice cream, and in summer the demand for his cold specialities sometimes reaches the limit of production.

Meet Sonja at 17.20 h at the tram stop "Englischviertelstrasse", tram 15 (towards Klusplatz) brings you there. Space is limited, therefore all ice cream lovers are invited to register as early as possible with Sonja by phone 044 302 45 47.
When you register, please leave your full name and phone number in a clear voice.