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The English Speaking Club of Zurich

Open House at Bauschaenzli (!)

July 31, from 19.00 h - Non members are welcome!

This month's Open House event will (as usual in July) take place at the Bauschaenzli, Stadthausquai 2, located near Buerkliplatz.

If it rains and we cannot sit outside so we will move to the nearby Old Fashion Bar at Fraum√ľnsterstrasse 15 to find shelter. But let's keep our fingers crossed that we will be able to enjoy our get together at this special garden restaurant in downtown Zurich on a mild summer evening.

PLEASE, always check at the Bauschaenzli FIRST, to see if we are there. Experience has shown that "good" and "bad" weather is a very individual perception and people have ended up in both places. In case of doubt, call Juerg on 079 580 10 81. As the Bauschaenzli can be quite busy and some faces might not be familiar I will try and put some mark of identification (the Union Jack or a small English flag) on our table.


How to get there: Take any tram or bus to Buerkliplatz. Walk across the square towards the Limmat where you will see the Bauschaenzli on its island in the Limmat. This is Juerg's event.