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The English Speaking Club of Zurich

Traffic Control Center (Verkehrsleitzentrale)

April 10, 15.15 h (in German) - Register

The English Speaking Club is invited to visit the Traffic Control Center of the Canton of Zurich. We will hear (in German only) and see how they coordinate the traffic for the whole canton, monitor all the construction zones and traffic jams, coordinate between police and rescuers, supervise the tunnels.  This event lasts about 1 1/2 hours and is free for members; guests pay CHF 10.00.  

We meet at 15.15 h at the tram stop Beckenhof (tram 11 and 14 bring you there), than it's a walk of about 5 minutes. Space is limited, therefore it's good to register as early as possible (at the latest March 29) with Sonja by phone 044 302 45 47. Sonja needs your full name with address and date of birth, because the Traffic Control Center asks for a list with all these details. 

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