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The English Speaking Club of Zurich

Frauenfeld (Sugar factory and the life of Carthusian monks)

Oct 14 (Saturday) - Register
10.15 h (Ittingen)
14.00 h (Sugar factory)

Almost every kind of food or drink has sugar in it. Did you know that Switzerland has two factories where they produce sugar? One of those is in Frauenfeld. Let's have an interesting look at how sugar is produced. In the afternoon (at 14.00 h) we have an English guided tour of 2 hours (good footwear and fitness needed as you have to walk and climb up staircases!). More information, see www.zucker.ch

To make it a full-day trip, we will visit before, at 10.15 h, the famous Ittingen Charterhouse (Kartause), a former Carthusian monastery, near Frauenfeld, where monks once lived. We will have an English guided tour of 90 minutes about how they used to live there.

Afterwards we will have lunch there (at your own expense), before we move to the sugar factory in the afternoon

(by private cars). You are invited to join this special double event in the adjacent canton of Thurgau.

It's possible to join us only for the sugar factory visit. By train Frauenfeld is only 40 minutes away from Zurich HB. Both event locations are accessible by bus from Frauenfeld. For more comfort, we transfer from Ittingen to the sugar factory with private cars. Costs per event: CHF 5, guests CHF 10.

Public transport to Kartause Ittingen:
Zurich HB, 09:07 (track 34), Frauenfeld arr. 09:46, Bus 819 (direction Kartause Ittingen), leaving 09:49 (!!), arriving at 09.57 at Kartause.
Public transport to sugar factory (only):
Zurich HB, 12:37 (track 13), Frauenfeld arr. 13:16, Bus 3 (direction Oberwiesen), leaving at 13:37, arriving 13:43 at Oberwiesen, then walk forward about 300m.

Meeting points are at the entrances of the locations.

Please indicate whether you would offer private car transport.
Please register (or ask for details) with Heinz by September 26 (early because of sugar factory) on phone 044 784 85 87 or via e-mail on hvifian@bluewin.ch
When you register, please leave your full
name and phone number in a clear voice.


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