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The English Speaking Club of Zurich

Brunch at Restaurant KafiDihei

July 7, 09.00 h (Saturday) - Register

How about a delicious brunch on a Saturday morning at unique Coffeeshop "KafiDihei" at Zurlindenstrasse 231? You have the choice between a small and a large breakfast. For the small one you get a croissant, one slice of homemade bread and jam, a mini yoghurt and honey on request for just CHF 9.50. If you have a large appetite, you may order the large breakfast and you get a croissant, 2 slices of homemade bread, one soft boiled egg, a mini portion of yoghurt, ham and cheese for CHF 17.50.

For 3 more francs, you can get scrambled eggs. Birchermueesli is available too.  

Please meet Barbara inside the cafe from 09.00 h. She will be there early to reserve on the spot one of the few large tables, as on Saturdays one cannot reserve in advance. due to high demand. You can take tram 2 or 3 to Zypressenstrasse, go left down Fritschistrasse and turn left into Zurlindenstrasse, where after about 30 meters you find the KafiDihei on your right. 

Register either by SMS on mobile 079 582 19 48 (answering machine is out of order) or by e-mail merk.barbara@gmail.com leaving your name and phone number.

Please find more information under www.kafidihei.ch

The tour will last about an hour, afterwards for those interested, we can go and have a bite or just a drink in a restaurant.


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