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The English Speaking Club of Zurich

Solar System Expedition at Focus Terra ETHZ

November 20, 18.30 h - Register

ETH Zurich is at the forefront of three space missions. Hop on board and join us this evening!

We will take off on a journey to the Moon, to Mars, to Venus and all the way to the edge of our solar system. What will we discover? And how will we get there? We teamed up with our scientists to develop exciting stories about what they are searching for and finding out there, what motivates them, and how they are able to look deep into the interiors of planets millions of kilometers away.

In our exhibition, researchers become the "heroes" of their own stories. They introduce themselves and show you how research really works. The stories are presented in the form of comics combining art and science - a fun way for experts and non-experts alike to discover the science of our planetary environment.

Tonight, we will have the opportunity to join an English guided tour which takes approx. 1 hour and costs CHF 10.00 for members and CHF 15.00 for guests. Maximum participation is 12, so please be in quick with your registration.
How to get there:
The ETH Museum is located at Sonneggstrasse 5 in 8006 Zurich. Take tram 6, 9 or 10 and get off at stop "Universitaetsspital". From there it is a short walk along Rämistrasse, taking the first road on the left which is Sonneggstrasse. We will meet inside the building.

Register with Juerg by November 16 latest, phone 079 580 10 81 or e-mail to info@escz.ch

After the tour, for those who would like to, we will go to the Italian restaurant which is located very close to the museum.