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The English Speaking Club of Zurich

Nasca Peru - Searching for Traces in the Desert


February 21 (Wednesday), 18.15 h sharp - Register

Again the Rietberg Museum presents an outstanding exhibition. It is about the mystical story of the NASCA culture (ca. 200 BC - 650 AD). Where did the NASCA culture come from, where did it go? The mystery of the NASCA Lines, the large ancient geoglyphs found in the desert of southern Peru, still waits to be unravelled.
The NASCA culture holds fascinations such as - was it a lost culture full of mysterious rituals? Had they a vibrant
tradition of art and music? Known is, they had a life under extreme conditions in one of the most arid places on earth.

Join us in searching for Traces in the Desert. You will be invited to "fly over" the giant geoglyphs with the aid of virtual reality glasses. Also look at the sensational objects of gold masks, musical instruments and colourful textiles found by archaeologists. http://www.rietberg.ch

 We will have an English guided tour of about 1 hour -  free for members, guests pay CHF 10.-. For your own benefit, extend your visit before or after the tour.

Buy your own ticket (CHF 18.- /AHV CHF 14.-)  free with Zurich Card, etc. Reserve enough time to be ready on time.

Afterwards we round off the evening in a nearby restaurant.

How to get there: Take tram 7 (from main-station/ Paradeplatz) to stop at Rietberg. Follow the sign up-hill to the Museum.

Please register with Heinz by February 17  (O: 044 784 85 87 or via e-mail on hvifian@bluewin.ch

When you register, please leave your full name and phone number in a clear voice.