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The English Speaking Club of Zurich

Typically Zurich at Central Library Zurich

Oct 24, 18.00 h sharp - Register

- Sechseläuten - Zwingli - the Banks - Knabenschiessen -  all these are terms associated with Zurich.

The Jubilee exhibition in the so called Treasure Chamber of Central Library Zurich shows what has characterized Zurich and still does. As you enter into the Treasure Chamber, you will see melting the borders between past and present, between truth and myth, between objectivity and subjectivity. You will encounter precious, particular, daily and amazing documents from the past 1000 years. All this will show you the unique character of the town on the Limmat river nowadays.

We will have an English guided tour of about 1 hour, showing us around this exhibition. The tour is free of charge.

Location: Zaehringerplatz 6, 8001 Zurich. How to get there: From HB, walk or take tram 4 or 15 to Rudolf Brun Bruecke, then turn left into Muehlegasse. After 150 meters, you will arrive at Zähringerplatz. Juerg will be waiting for you at the entrance of the Central Library. The maximum participation is 15.
register by October 20 on phone 079 580 10 81 or e-mail to info@escz.ch with the remark "Typically Zurich". After the tour, we will go for a drink or a bite at the nearby Zeughauskeller.

When you register, please leave your full name and phone number in a clear voice.