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The English Speaking Club of Zurich

DormaKaba in Kempten/Wetzikon

June 12, 13.50 h - Register

Have a look at your front-door key. When you read "KABA" it's a double must to register for the guided tour at Dormakaba. See the "place of birth" of your key and listen what it is about to change concerning safety locks. The rapid technological progress in past years clearly shows that nothing is impossible. For example perhaps in the future digital keys implanted in the skin.

We get an English guided tour of about 1 hour. This event is free of charge for members and guests pay 10.00 CHF. Buy a return ticket to Kempten/Wetzikon or a 9 o'clock pass. Meet Sonja in front of track 14 at Zurich main station. Space is limited, therefore it is recommended to register as soon as possible with Sonja by phone 044 302 45 47.

When you register, please leave your full name and phone number in a clear voice.  

After the tour and refreshments in the nearby Cafe Steiner you can join Sonja for a walk along the Pfaffikersee to Pfaffikon ZH - providing weather is o.k..