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The English Speaking Club of Zurich

Slide Show of Uganda

December 12, 19.00 h, no registration

Imagine paying $ 600 half a year before for the permit to visit the mountain gorillas in their natural habitat on a specific day.

Then you are not there at the right time, are not fit enough or there is the rare chance that you do not see the gorillas. It will not happen to you tonight. Marina will show you her encounter with a habituated gorilla family in Bwindi National Park in Uganda.
There are only 900 gorillas left worldwide and they cannot be kept in zoos. You will see plenty of other rare animals like chimpanzees, shoe bill storks, a tree lion, a leopard and many more.
Come and enjoy the easy visit to beautiful Uganda which is not yet as crowded as other East African destinations.

Location is at the Restaurant Werdguet. How to get there, see November 27 (frame). The event takes place in the back room (Saal). No need to register. You may come earlier than 19.00 h to order food or wait until after the 1-hour presentation to eat. Or you can just have a drink or a dessert. Guests are welcome to the slide show for CHF 5.00.  Due to high demand before Christmas, the room in the Werdguet is not available on our regular Tuesday, so we set the date one day later.
For any questions about this event contact J
uerg on 079 580 10 81.