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The English Speaking Club of Zurich

 Old Town round trip with a new taste of chocolate

      *** booked out *** 

September 4,  18.15 h  - Register

 First of all we have a gentle walk through the old part (Niederdorf) of Zurich. We will attack your brain and ask you different questions about what you still know from our previous guided tours. You will be asked e.g. what happened at the Wasserkirche, why is this place famous, when was it built, style, ... etc. Who is the champion under us?

There will be some little prizes...

Afterwards we pass over the Limmat to the riverside, called Wuehre. The next attack will be on your taste buds when you try chocolate at Dieter (
"Yello") Meier's company. He produces this with an intense aroma of cacao - a revolution in chocolate production, known from ancient Mayan tradition! Afterwards we will have a drink and/or a meal at a nearby restaurant.  

Meeting point: Wasserkirche (in front of the church)
How to get there: Tram 4 or 15 to Helmhaus.

Register with Heinz by Sept. 2. (H: 044 780 19 45) or
E-Mail hvifian@bluewin.ch  -  Space is limited!

When you register, please leave your full
name and phone number in a clear voice.



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