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The English Speaking Club of Zurich

Social night at the Werdguet

June 6, 19.00 h

White Elephant exchange as it is called in the US and UK.
Maybe the Swiss call it Give & Take. Have fun and laughs! Come to the evening event with ESCZ at Restaurant Werdguet. This will be a relaxed evening to socialize with the English Speaking Club. Everyone who attends is asked to bring a wrapped gift. This gift should be something you have at home that is like new but something you do not want any longer. Suggestions: a CD, a book, a souvenir from one of your travels, a centre piece for a table. Something you just feel you don't use or want in your house. Please wrap it so it is not visible what the gift is. Then everyone gets to choose a gift and be surprised at what you get. Everyone can still have a meal or just a drink. Visitors welcome.  Meet at Restaurant Werdguet in the back room. For questions contact Kathy at 044 554 94 48.

Directions how to get to the Werdguet, see under May 30 (frame).

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