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The English Speaking Club of Zurich

 Kandahar shoe factory Gwatt b/Thun & Bernese Oberland excursion

Sept 11, 07.50 h - Monday (Knabenschiessen) - Register

For the elder generations of us, we surely remember the brand "Kandahar". This is not only a town in Afghanistan but has been a manufacturer for all sorts of leather products and shoes.

But not many shoes are produced in Switzerland anymore. Kandahar, located in Gwatt bei Thun, still does it nowadays! The first highlight of this day is an English guided tour of

1 1/2 hours through the premises of a Swiss Made shoe factory, including a little snack.

So what is the second highlight? For some, it will be the lunch break in wealthy Interlaken, for others, it will be the coffee break in the Harder Viewpoint & Restaurant at 1322 m altitude (weather permitting). Enjoy the stunning view towards the majestic Eiger, Moench and Jungfrau and both lakes while having a coffee and a dessert. 

And the third highlight is the journey itself. Here are some details about the itinerary: Meet Sonja at 07.50 h at the end of track 5 in Zurich HB. An Intercity leaving HB at 08.02 h will bring us via Berne to Thun from where we continue to Gwatt by bus. After the Kandahar tour, we continue by bus and train further to Interlaken Ost. There it is time for lunch in a cosy restaurant. After this, we have a 10-minute (digestion) walk to the cable car base station, bringing us up to the Harder within 15 minutes. We go back the same way and travel home to Zurich via Brünigpass and Lucerne. That makes a gentle roundtrip. We should be back at 19.00 h but there is no concrete timetable for the way back.

Costs: Preferably buy a Tageskarte at your Gemeinde which is around CHF 45.00. In addition to this, I will collect CHF 15.00 which is a contribution for the guided tour at Kandahar and for the Harder excursion. Guests pay the full price of CHF 25.00.

The upper limit for the tour is 18 participants. Please register as early as possible with Sonja on phone 044 302 45 47.

When you register, please leave your full name and phone number in a clear voice.  

For general enquiries about this event, please contact Jürg on phone 079 580 10 81. Sonja will guide you today as Juerg is not able to come because the "free" Knabenschiessen Monday doesn't exist in the Canton of St.Gallen (where he lives and works).

Looking forward to seeing many of you. 

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